Exterior view
Interior view

Pilatus PC-12

Passenger Capacity: 7 Lavatory Style: -
Airspeed (mph): 169 Range (miles): 728
Cabin Width (ft): - Cabin Height (ft): -
Cabin Length (ft): - Baggage Capacity: ft3

The PC-12 is the first single engine turboprop to offer not only payload-range capabilities far exceeding those of its competition, both single and twin, but remarkable efficiency, versatility, simplicity, and more to the point, safety, as well. This is because the PC-12 is a single engine turbo prop, not burdened with the weight, drag, complexity, and vices of twin engines.

The PC-12 is offered in a variety of seating configurations, the most popular of which is either a 6-seat configuration with 4 club seats, or an 8-seat double club seating configuration.

The PC-12 is a King Air class and size turboprop aimed at appealing to business executives as an efficient mode of corporate transport.

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