Exterior view
Interior view

Jetstream 4100

Passenger Capacity: 12-19 Lavatory Style: -
Airspeed (mph): 280 Range (miles): 500
Cabin Width (ft): 5.2 Cabin Height (ft): 5.8
Cabin Length (ft): 35 Baggage Capacity: -

The Jetstream 41 turboprop regional airliner, manufactured by BAE Systems, was a major development of the Jetstream 31/32 regional airliner family.  Intended to compete directly with 30-seat aircraft like the Embraer Brasilia, Dornier 328 and Saab 340, the Jetstream 41 design accommodates 29 passengers in a two-by-one arrangement, like the Jetstream 31.

The Jetstream 41's stretch added 16 feet (4.88 m) to the fuselage, consisting of an 8-foot (2.5 m) plug forward of the wing and a 7 foot 9 inches (2.36 m) plug to the rear.  The new design demanded a wing with increased span, which also included reworked ailerons and flaps.  The wing was also mounted below the fuselage so that it did not carry through the cabin aisle, which also led to larger wing root fairings that increased baggage capacity.

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