Exterior view
Interior view

Bombardier CL-601

Passenger Capacity: 10 Lavatory Style: Full
Airspeed (mph): 484 Range (miles): 3910
Cabin Width (ft): 8.2 Cabin Height (ft): 6.1
Cabin Length (ft): 28.3 Baggage Capacity: 115 ft3

The Bombardier Challenger 600 series is a family of business jets designed by Bill Lear and produced first by Canadair until that company was bought by Bombardier Aerospace. The aircraft was an independent design by Lear, who had resigned as Chairman of Lear Jet seven years previously. While similar in general configuration to Lear's previous designs, notable changes were made that distinguished the new aircraft from the Learjets, including the use of a widened fuselage that allowed a 'walk-about cabin', a feature not shared by any other business aircraft of the time. The Challenger was also one of the first business jets designed with a supercritical wing.

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